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The company " SUPERMARKET MEAT IOAKIMIDIS SA " with the distinctive title " Porky " is a modern , dynamic and fast growing company engaged in the importation marketing, and creation of meat products.


Today it is considered one of the largest and best organized meat companies in Greece , regarding the service , quality control , processing and production.


The company's history goes 60 years back in time from a traditional butcher's shop founded by Paul Ioakimidis in the central market of Kallithe. Despite the adverse economic  conditions of the postwar period the company met progress and profit and was handed in Charalambos Ioakimidis in 1952.


Commercial knowledge , honesty and hard work of Charambos Ioakimidis soon bear fruit and the small butcher shop grows and reaches to employ 10 people. 


In 1989 the company's management is taken by Apostole Ioakimidis the owners son. His determination and innovative ideas drought radical changes to the administration and operation of the company with spectacular results.


With the new ideas and momentum of the Apostole Ioakimidis developed the company by emdracing technology and as a result became even more profitable continuous growth of course. 


In 1997 it converted to SA and with more than 50 employees . In 1999 , i collaboration with European experts who especially arrived for this purpose in Athens. The company created a meat proccesing sector following European standards in the factors of health and safety.







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